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Islamic Sunday School


Sunday school will be starting on September 15, 2019.

Registration will be held on Sunday September 8, 2019 starting at 11 am at the masjid.

Sunday School:

Location: ICNL Masjid, 16 Fort St. in Groton CT 06340

Hours of operation: Every Sunday 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Contact Us

General Assembly Meeting School Presentation (PowerPoint 4.1 MB)

Classes and Levels: (Classes offered are: Arabic, Quran and Islamic Studies). Levels are divided to the following levels, based on age and/or Islamic knowledge :

  • Pre-K (4 -5 years)
  • K (5-6 years)
  • Level 1-A
  • Level 1-B
  • Level 2-A
  • Level 2-B
  • Level 3-A
  • Level 3-B
  • Level 4-Y (4 Youth class)

2006-2007 Some photos of ICNL Sunday School on Feb, 2007

2004-2005 Click Here to view Curriculum layout

2004-2005 Honor student program [Q1 Sekinat Yusof, Q2 Zahra Kamel, Q3 Zainab Ladipo] (3 winners a year will receive a grand prize: $100 Cash AND their names will posted on the Masjid Bulletin Board) Click Here for program details and conditions. (Acrobat PDF document) [Winners will be announced Dec 5, 2004, Mar 13, 2005 and June 12, 2005)

2002-2003 Photos taken at ICNL school on Oct 2002.

2000-2001 Photos of the Graduation day Sunday, June 17, 2001.