Guidelines for Opening of Islamic Center of New London for regular prayers and Friday prayer starting on Friday June 5,2020.

Dated: 05/31/2020

In the name of ALLAH the Most gracious The most Merciful

Opening of Islamic Center of New London for regular prayers and Friday prayer starting on Friday June 5,2020.

As per state of Connecticut guidelines to lessen the chance for someone to contract the virus following guidelines to be followed strictly while reopening of the ICNL.

1: Occupancy will not exceed 25% of maximum capacity of ICNL for any prayer including Friday prayer. Initially, Musjid will only be open to Brothers and Boys over 16 years of age.This is being done due to space restrictions and safety concerns for sisters and younger kids.

2: Sunday school will remain closed till further notice as well as Wednesday and Friday Halaqas, potlucks and other social gatherings.

3: Strictly following 6 feet apart social distancing guidelines, each individual worship place will be marked by a tape. Please follow these distance guidelines even during congregational prayer.

4: Wearing face masks covering nose and mouth all the time while in the prayer hall is mandatory. You will be denied entry without a face mask.

5: Bring your own prayer rug in order to minimize risk of cross infection.

6: No hugs,hand shakes or any other kind of social greetings which involves close contact.

7: When entering or leaving the premises follow social distance guidelines of 6 feet. No stopping in the hallway, staircase or outside the musjid area to socialize.

7: There will be 2 Friday congregational prayers. First salaat timings between 1:00 PM and must finish by 1:20 PM including Khutba and congregational prayer. Everyone must leave by 1:30 PM. Second salaat at 1:40 PM and should conclude by 2:00 PM. If capacity for first prayer is full then you must wait in your car for 2nd prayer. If capacity for second prayer is full, you may be denied entry. Everyone must enter through big door where sisters usually enter and door will be open for prayer so that minimal touching of door knobs etc is involved with the exception if someone has to make Wudu then He may be permitted through other door.

Imams leading the Friday prayers will assign someone to be at the entry and exit door before and after each salaat and be responsible for ensuring that door handles etc are sanitized after each prayer.

8: Everyone should come with Wudu. In rare instances if Wudu is needed only 2 -3 persons can be permitted at any given time to Wudu area including using the bathroom. Lysol cleaning spray will be provided in wudu area for you to please sanitize the surface after you are done.

9: if you are sick, have fever, cough, body aches please do not come to Musjid for the sake of safety of others. ICNL may check the temperature of everyone entering the musjid.

10: We strongly recommend for any one over 65, those with lung disease, heart disease,uncontrolled diabetes, receiving steroids for treatment or receiving any form of immune supression therapy including chemotherapy should not come to musjid for their own safety and safety of their families.

10: Sanitizer bottle will be made available at entry and exit place to be used to prevent spread of virus.

11: Absolutely no food to be brought in till further notice.

12: Although we believe that above guidelines should help to minimize the spread of virus, we advise everyone to have the option of their choice to come or not to come and ICNL can not assure you 100% safety from contracting the virus and therefore will not be held responsible in rare case of someone getting infected.

I expect all of you to follow these guidelines as responsible adults. Imam leading the prayer must ensure that these guidelines are followed at all times. Any Brother found to be in violation of these guidelines will receive a friendly reminder first and in case of further violation may not be permitted back into musjid until the Covid-19 situation is resolved. Please note that this is for the safety of everyone. We are required to do our part with full trust in ALLAH SWT.

Quran clearly guides us "Obey ALLAH,And Obey His Messenger and People who are given authority among you (This includes your imam, board members of the musjid and state and federal guideline).

May ALLAH protect us all and May ALLAH forgive our sins and Relieve us from this Virus and all the afflictions whether physical or spirtual.


Altaf Rasool, MD President ICNL Board of directors.

This statement has been agreed and approved by the following Members of The board of directors of ICNL.

Brother Badar Malik, Vice president

Sister Uzma Nouman, MD General Secretary

Brother Anwar Khan, Treasurer

Community directors: Sister Holly and Brother Zubair Khan.

And By Imam of ICNL Brother Mahmoud Mansour.