ICNL President Message

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

April 15 2012 - AAWRAWB, this is the first monthly communication letter coming to you from the Board of Directors of ICNL. The purpose of this letter is to brief you on what is going on at our center and also solicit feedback from you to help us improve our services and better meet your needs and expectations.

When the new Board took over about 1 year ago, it made it a priority to make its work transparent to all the members and to open communication channels between the Board and the membership. Unfortunately, this goal has not been fully achieved and our new communication box has remained empty since it was placed outside the prayer hall almost a year ago. Based on this, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all the Brothers and Sisters to use that box to tell us what your thoughts are.

Many things have been taking place at the Center that we will Inshaallah brief you on during our upcoming general assembly meeting on April 15. In that meeting I am planning on surveying our congregation on the following questions:

1. Changing the name of our Center from ICNL to Eastern Connecticut Islamic Center to reflect the full geographic catchment area and prepare to expand our affiliation with other smaller centers in Eastern Connecticut.

2. Expanding the mezzanine level and turning it into Sisters prayer hall.

It is the hope of the Board that more of you will get more involved and verbal in what is happening in our center. We welcome all opinions and look forward to open dialogue aimed at improving our center in what pleases Allah S.W.

Bassam Awwa
President ICNL Board