New Carpet

Dec-19 New Carpet installation completed Alhamdolellah.

Eidul-Fitr Party

Dec-7 Eidul-Fitr party started at 1:30 pm (half an hour late due to snow conditions) and ended at 5:00 pm. Lots of fun and games for kids and adults. Lunch was 2:45.



Nov-25 Eidul-Fitr Al-Mubarak is confirmed to be on Tuesday Nov 25 according to the announcement of ISNA and the Shura Council of North America.

Takbeer at ICNL Masjid starts at 7:30 am, Eid prayer starts 8:30 am insha'Allah.


ICNL Open House

Nov-8 ICNL Open House for community neighbors to celebrate the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan. The program included speech from Imam Mahmoud Mansour explaining basics of Islam and Masjid etiquettes, followed by presentation by Dr. Imran Ahmed (ICNL President) about ICNL vision and mission, its history and its future.



Oct-27 Monday Oct the 27th of Nov will be the first day of the month of Ramadan for this year insha'Allah based on the announcement of ISNA and the Shura Council of North America.

Wedding Ceremony

Oct-11 Wedding ceremony for Brother Hamza Ismail and sister Mashamah.

General Assembly Meeting

Sep-13 General Assembly Meeting started at 2:00 pm

Board members presented their vision, goals, plans and achievements.

Followed by a potluck lunch and a lecture by Sheikh Mokhtar Haidra.


Sunday School Begins

Sep-7 ICNL Sunday School started with about 42 Students enrolled in Quran Study, Arabic Language and Islamic Studies classes.

The school is in session from 9:55 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. every Sunday.

Sunday School Orientation

Aug-31 ICNL Sunday School Orientation and Registration day

Aug-4 New fence has been installed in the front yard of the Masjid.

BBQ potluck and Fire works

July-12 BBQ potluck and Fire works watch on the Thames river.

Front Lawn has been renovated with new picnic benches, tables and a swing set.

Basement project has been completed Alhamdolellah, new Wudu Area, kitchen remodeled, 2 bathrooms and full floor tiling completed.


Graduation Day 2003

June-15 ICNL Sunday school Graduation day.

ICNL Library has been renovated, many new books and references have been purchased.

Potluck and Islamic Jeopardy

May-17 Potluck held at the Masjid (Due to weather conditions). Islamic jeopardy was prepared by Br Habib.

Potluck and A'qeeqa

Apr-12 Potluck at the Masjid. Food was provided by Hassan Mansour for his new daughter's A'qeeqa.

ICNL Statement

The Islamic Center of New London (ICNL) is opposed to any war of aggression or preemptive military actions against any people or nation that results in loss of life, human dignity and personal property.

Such dangerous adventurism is unjustified in Islam and constitutes a transgression against humanity. In accord with many of the faith communities around the world, we strongly condemn the U.S. led war of aggression against Iraq and we pray to Allah for safety of the Iraqi people in this time of crisis

Eidul Adha and Elections

Feb-16 Eidul Adha party will be on Saturday insha'Allah at 1:30 pm.

Feb-11 Eidul Adha announced to be on Tuesday Feb 11 insha'Allah, (Takbeer starts at 7:00 am, Prayer at 8:00 am sharp at the ICNL Masjid)

Feb-2 ICNL Board elections held on Sunday at 11:30 pm. Click HERE for nomination form (deadline 1-15-03). Lunch provided by ICNL.


Election committee formed (Mohammed Badr Malik, Ahmed Hashem, Nawwaz Rab)