October News

Oct New boiler installed in the basement.

Oct-6 A school group comprising about 15 guests from the Taftville Congregational Church led by Rev. Michael Ader visited the ICNL to learn about Islam, observe the Islamic school in session, and to talk to teachers and students. Alhamdulellah- the information session went very well and the guests walked away with a much better understanding about Islam and Muslims.

The Iftar calendar for Ramadan is being coordinated by Sister Maliha Ahmed, Community Director, ICNL. Saturdays will be reserved for Community Iftar at the ICNL. Please plan to be there and do not schedule competing programs, out-of-town visits or personal events on this day, if at all possible. Fridays and Sundays will also be available to sponsors on a first-come-first-serve basis. Slots are going fast. So, please contact Sister Maliha at your earliest convenience @ 860-691-8015.

Oct-27 ICNL Sunday School is in full swing Alhamdolellah with over 50 Students.