Eidul Fitr 2002

Dec-14 Eidul Fitr party will be on Saturday insha'Allah at 1:00 pm.

Dec-6 Eidul-Fitr announced to be on Friday Dec 6 which will be the 1st day of Shawwal for the year 1423 Higri insha'Allah.


Ramadan Mubarak 2002

Nov-6 Ramadan Mubarak, Ramadan started according to the announcement of ISNA and ICNA.

Iftar at the Masjid sponsored on Sundays and some Saturdays.

October News

Oct New boiler installed in the basement.

Oct-6 A school group comprising about 15 guests from the Taftville Congregational Church led by Rev. Michael Ader visited the ICNL to learn about Islam, observe the Islamic school in session, and to talk to teachers and students. Alhamdulellah- the information session went very well and the guests walked away with a much better understanding about Islam and Muslims.


Potluck and Soccer Game

Aug-10 Potluck joined with soccer game at Washington Park.

Graduation Party

June-9 Sunday school graduation party.

Potluck and Lecture Dr. Abdel-Hameed

May-11 Potluck and Lecture by our guest Dr. Abdel-Hameed (President of CCM).

Potluck and Lecture

Mar-31 Potluck and Lecture. Dinner starts at 4:00 pm followed by a lecture about "Obedience" by our speaker guest "Mohamed El-Mokhtar Haidra".

Feb Events

General Assembly Meeting and Elections on Sunday Feb 24, (Program starts at 10:00 am). Br Sajjad talks about Year-In-Review: 2001 Accomplishments, Current Status, and Focus Areas for the Future, Also Br. Maher will give a presentation about the Financial Report, Br Mahmoud will talk about "The Role of the Mosque in Muslim Community".

Eid al-Adha party (Eid party starts 1:00 pm).

Eid Al-Adha on Friday Feb 22, 2002. (Eid prayer starts at 8:30 am)

Potluck and Lecture on Tuesday Feb 5. Dinner starts at 5:00 pm followed by a lecture about "Islam not a terror" by our speaker guest "Sheikh Yusuf Estes".

Potluck and Lecture

1-26-2002 Potluck and Lecture on Saturday Jan 26. Dinner starts at 5:00 pm followed by a lecture about "Muslim Unity" by our speaker guest "Mohamed El-Mokhtar Haidra".