Interfaith Forum

Oct 28: Interfaith Forum (Title- The Politics of Religion or the Religion of Politics).

The Islamic Center of New London and the Beth El Synagogue has agreed to co-sponsor an interfaith Forum to educate the public on the mainstream religious perspective on politics and violence, and to discuss ways to prevent religion from being used as a pretext to justify extremism and terrorism.

Time and place:

The Garde Theatre, New London
Sunday, October 28
4 P.M. to 6 P.M.


- Representatives from the Islamic Community.

- Representatives from the Jewish community.

- Representatives from the Christian community

- Others (Hindu community and the Native American Community)

Forum format:

The Forum will have two parts. First, Key note presentations by 3 invited speakers on selected theme topics. Second, a Panel Discussion where representatives from the local faith communities will answer question from the audience.

ICNL urges all members of the center to donate generously to the Islamic center new building purchase in Groton. We hope by the will of Allah to be able to close before the end of this month so we can have time to prepare the place before the month of Ramadan.