Ramadan 2015

The first day of the Month of Ramadan will start on Thu June 18. Salatul Taraweeh will start today on Wed June 17.

Community Iftars are held at ICNL on Sat and Sun throughout Ramadan. All are welcome! There are open spots to host Friday iftars.

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Ramadan Mubarak.

Eid Al Fitr

Insha Allah, Eid prayer will be held at the Mystic Marriot agin this year. Takbir will start at 8am and prayer at 9am. A $25 per family donation is suggested to cover the costs.

No food is allowed to be brought into the hotel. Breakfast will be provided.

Address: 625 North Road (Route 117), Groton, CT 06340
Phone:(860) 446-2600

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The date of the Eid party is Sunday July 26th, 2015 starting at 4pm at ICNL.